Utilities used by the Play! PS2 emulator and other projects
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Play! Framework Readme


General dependencies:

MySQL sub-library dependencies:

OpenAL sub-library dependencies:

  • OpenAL - v1.1

OpenGL sub-library dependencies:

Compiling for Win32

Compiling on Win32 requires Visual Studio 2013. Header and library paths are defined in property sheets, so they'll need to be modified before compiling. Projects and property sheets can be found in the build_win32 sub-directory.

Compiling for MacOS X and iOS

Compiling on Apple platforms requires Xcode 5. On iOS, header search paths are defined in xcconfig files present in the build_iphone sub-directory.

Compiling for other UNIX platforms

Compiling on UNIX platforms requires CMake 2.6 and +. I only tested compiling on clang v3.3, but it should work on the latest versions of GCC as well.