A Series of Conceptual Proof demonstrated with several different toolkits
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WIP. A series of conceptual proofs demonstrated with several different toolkits.


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Matboard started as an initiative to compare different toolkits by creating identical user experiences that are progressively enhanced with different toolkits such as AngularJS, Ember, jQuery, etc. While matboard started as a quest to find the "one true" toolkit to rule them all, we have discovered something far more interesting.

Tracing our technology stack back to HTML is the only way we can maintain creative freedom in our experiences. With these thesis in mind, matboard is now ambitiously experimenting with several different "labs" all of which are progressively enhanced HTML–first experiences. The design and user experience of a lab should not be influenced or dictated by an given framework or toolkit. See JS Drivers.

The only requirement for a lab is that it be developed HTML first. What it is progressively enhanced with, if anything at all, is free for the author to decide.


While this initiative started as part of a MODX open source effort, I don't want the goals and initiatives of this project to be directly bound to MODX. We should be free to think outside that box while keeping our fingers crossed that discoveries made here can be upstreamed to MODX Next.

  • With each lab, prove accessibility and performance can be achieved while maintaining creative freedom throughout the design and user experience
  • Collaborate, discuss, and challenge a variety of different toolkits (React, AngularJS, VanillaJS, ExtJS, etc)
  • Support WCAG Guidelines 2.0 Level II
  • Support WCAG Guidelines 1.0 (.no-js)


Labs are found in the ./labs/ directory. The gh-pages, master, and develop branch will be enhanced with whichever JS driver is most stable. Branches like angular will be used to host other iterations of the labs. Pull Requests are always welcome.

Each lab has a Wiki page that contains finding, screenshots,  screencasts as well as a link to a gh-pages demo.

Labs can be discussed further on Gitter or by opening an issue.

Contribution Guidelines

WIP. In the interim, ping me on Gitter.