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Jekyll based portfolio using Flickr API.
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📷 Jekyll based portfolio using Flickr API.


This is work in progress

How is it built?

This portfolio is based on Jekyll. Please read the docs. Hosted freely on GitHub pages.

How to configure

All personal content is configurable by modifing the .yaml files in the _data folder.

Portfolio pages are based on Flickr collections. To modify it you just need to change the photography.yaml accordingly.

  • name: Name of the set/page.
  • key: ID of the Flickr collection (appears on the URL).

Other Places sidebar section is configurable in the links.yaml by:

  • name: URL Title
  • favicon: font-awesome representative icon. (Icon List)
  • url: URL

Homepage is configurable in the homepage.yaml by:

  • quote: The quote of your choice.
  • author: The author of the quote.
  • background: The background image for your front page.

Demo & Personal Use

Here it is: To the demo!

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