Squirrel away form values in sessionStorage automatically with this jQuery plugin. The fields will refill if the user has to leave or refresh the page!
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Store form values in HTML5 sessionStorage automatically as the user types with this jQuery plugin.

To get started, simply include the plugin after your jQuery library is loaded, and add a class of squirrel to your form. The plugin does its own bindings for that class, otherwise you can set it up to target your forms using the code below:


Additionally, you may simply specify a data-squirrel attribute to your form with its value set to your desired storage_key value. This way, you can have several forms with the same input names, and they'll be stored separately in local/sessionStorage.



See the documentation to learn about advanced configuration options, including using localStorage instead of sessionStorage.

Supported Fields

The following types of fields are supported by Squirrel.js.

  • input[type=checkbox]
  • input[type=color]
  • input[type=date]
  • input[type=datetime-local]
  • input[type=datetime]
  • input[type=email]
  • input[type=month]
  • input[type=number] (value must be numeric to refill correctly)
  • input[type=radio]
  • input[type=range]
  • input[type=search]
  • input[type=tel]
  • input[type=text]
  • input[type=time]
  • input[type=url]
  • input[type=week]
  • textarea
  • select

Browser Support

Browser support for both sessionStorage and JSON (required to parse/stringify data for session storage) are quite deep. If there's no support, the plugin does nothing.

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox 28+
  • Chrome 31
  • Safari (OSX) 5.1+
  • Safari (iOS) 4.0+
  • Android 2.1+


  • Ignore a field by simply adding a class of squirrel-ignore - the plugin won't save any values that are typed into that field.
  • The events used in the plugin are click, submit, blur, keyup and change. They each have a namespace of .squirrel.js e.g. keyup.squirrel.js. Therefore you can easily turn off a particular event by call .off() and the event for a specific form selector.


To contribute, you'll need NodeJS and Grunt installed. Fork/clone the repo, then visit the directory in the terminal and type npm install. After that you can simply run the grunt command to watch the files in the project. It'll automatically lint, test, compile, and minify the plugin files so you can just code.

Built with Grunt


These folks make this project possible, and are happy to help you integrate it into your site. Post an issue, and we're happy to help!