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A simple nodejs module that wraps the LittleCMS transicc command line utility, to allow you to make true ICC Profile-based color conversions inside your node apps. The goal of this project is to enable accurate color conversions, like those achieved in most image editing programs - unlike pure math-based conversions (which fail in situations like using CMYK).

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First, install LittleCMS using the commands below on Unix/Linux/OSX (binaries available for other OSs). It's a small, open source C-based color management system - transicc uses a LittleCMS command line utility by the same name to perform the actual profile comparisons.

git clone
cd Little-CMS
make check 
sudo make install

Next, you're ready to install the node module...

npm install transicc --save

... and start converting colors!

var transicc = require( "transicc" );

transicc( "cmyk", "rgb", [ 100, 0, 0, 0 ], function( err, rgb ){
	if ( err ) throw( err );
	console.log( rgb ); // same as Photoshop, yo!

The error parameter in the callback was added in transicc v1.2.0.

Bundled ICC Profiles

Several ICC profiles are bundled with transicc for your convenience. Here's a complete list of the values you can enter into the input or output options of transicc.


  • cmyk (shortcut to cmyk-adobe-us-web-coated-swop)
  • cmyk-adobe-coated-fogra27
  • cmyk-adobe-coated-fogra39
  • cmyk-adobe-coated-gracol2006
  • cmyk-adobe-japan-200-newspaper
  • cmyk-adobe-japan-2001-coated
  • cmyk-adobe-japan-2001-uncoated
  • cmyk-adobe-japan-2003-web-coated
  • cmyk-adobe-japan-web-coated
  • cmyk-adobe-uncoated-fogra29
  • cmyk-adobe-us-web-coated-swop
  • cmyk-adobe-us-web-uncoated
  • cmyk-adobe-web-coated-fogra28
  • cmyk-adobe-web-coated-swop-2006-g3
  • cmyk-adobe-web-coated-swop-2006-g5
  • cmyk-eci-iso-coated-v2-300
  • cmyk-eci-iso-coated-v2-eci
  • cmyk-eci-iso-uncoated-yellowish
  • cmyk-eci-pso-coated-300-npscreen-iso12647
  • cmyk-eci-pso-coated-npscreen-iso12647
  • cmyk-eci-pso-lwc-improved
  • cmyk-eci-pso-lwc-standard
  • cmyk-eci-pso-mfc-paper
  • cmyk-eci-pso-snp-paper
  • cmyk-eci-pso-uncoated-iso12647
  • cmyk-eci-pso-uncoated-npscreen-iso12647
  • cmyk-eci-sc-paper


  • lab (shortcut to lab-apple)


  • rgb (shortcut to rgb-adobe-1998)
  • rgb-adobe-1998
  • rgb-apple
  • rgb-colormatch
  • rgb-pal-secam
  • rgb-smpte-c
  • rgb-video-hd
  • rgb-video-ntsc
  • rgb-video-pal


  • srgb (shortcut to srgb-apple)
  • srgb-apple


  • xyz (shortcut to xyz-d65 - the 'standard' luminant associated with daylight)
  • xyz-d50
  • xyz-d55
  • xyz-d65

Note: These profiles are the property of their respective owners, and were copied as-is (simply renamed for easier organization). By using this module, you accept the terms of service agreements associated with their use as provided by Adobe, Apple, ECI, and the ICC.

If there's another ICC profile you'd like bundled with this package, please ensure that the creator of that profile is OK with it being bundled in other software. Once you know that, pull requests away!


A nodejs wrapper for LittleCMS's transicc command line utility. Perform true ICC profile color conversions in your node apps! Used by multiple other node modules, and projects (like




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