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JavaScript implementation of Connect-4 PopOut AI
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jsPopOut is a JavaScript search engine for a Connect-4 variant called PopOut. The search engine uses alpha-beta pruning together with several enhancements to prove that the game is a first-player win. In fact, the first player can always win within 21 moves (plies) if he starts in the middle column.

This project is a derivative of my Master's thesis. The search engine I wrote for my Master's thesis was in C++ and it was naturally much more powerful than the JavaScript version. I decided to reimplement it in JavaScript as a challenge. It also provides a lower threshold for the user to try it when he can do it in the browser without downloading anything.

Click here to play

It takes some time (about 10 seconds) for the program to calculate moves, after that it should work fast. It's unfortunately not possible to make the program play as the second player currently. The program should be treated more as a proof of concept rather than as something fun (it gets boring after a while).


This project is released under the MIT License.

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