A Radiant extension that adds employees management.
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A Radiant Extension by Martian interactive that adds employees management. Employees have name, email, profile, extended profile and more fields.

Demo Application

There is a demo application that's running online, don't worry to mess up the database, it's is recreated every hour.

You can login to the admin section with the Radiant's default username/password.

username: admin
password: radiant


Before you install employees ensure you already have installed the following extensions: page_attachments and share_layouts

After installing the page_attachments extension, you should configure it to properly work with the employees extension (basically it's about the icon and thumbnail features), this is an example of how your page_attachments.rb file should look like. Now that you have a valid page_attachments setup you can install the employees extension:

cd /path/to/radiant
git clone git://github.com/jpemberthy/radiant-employees.git vendor/extensions/employees
rake radiant:extensions:employees:migrate
rake radiant:extensions:employees:update

Don't have git? Download the extension as tarball

Restart your server, and there will be a new tab called "employees" in the admin interface, and a new page "employee_template"

Managing Employees

From the new tab "employees" under admin, you will be able to create and update employees, by default when you are rendering a collection of employees they are ordered by the show_order attribute, but you can override this by using the defaults Radius tags, that will be described later.

The extension has a controller to render dinamically an employee from the public side, the convention is to use this path: /employees/employee-first_name-last_name and the contents will be render based in the employees_template, You can specify the layout you wish to show with the employee information, to do that, please edit this line in the non-admin employees_controller:

radiant_layout 'your_site_layout' #put here your public layout name.

To set a profile image for an employee, please upload it as attachment from the admin section and set the description name as: profile. This image will be resized to be used as icon, thumbnail and profile_image.


The employees collection tag, options:

  • container either "table" or "list".
  • order by default is set to "show_order", but you could use, "first_name", "last_name" ...
  • employee_type either "regular" or "manager", by default is set to "regular".


Renders a short description of the employees using a thumbnail. 

<table class="employees">
      <r:employees:collection container="table">
        <r:face_profile /> 

Renders a list of named based links that redirects to the individual employee view.

<ul class="employees">
  <r:employees:collection container="list" order="first_name" employee_type="managers">
    <r:name_link />

You can find these tags inside the employee_tags.rb file, you can easily edit or create new employee_tags according to your needs.


These people have contributed patches that have been added to the extension: