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Jonathon Pendlum
During the 2013 Summer, I successfully completed a Google Summer of Code project on adding
FPGA Acceleration to GNU Radio with the Xilinx Zynq SoC. The Zynq SoC is a dual core ARM +
FPGA fabric device that can act as a single board computer with signifigant signal processing
capabilities, which especially interests the GNU Radio community.
The results from the GSoC project included:
1) Built infrastructure (Linux kernel device driver, FPGA code) for the Zynq SoC to support
the implementation of FPGA accelerated blocks in GNU Radio
2) Demonstrated the infrastructure capabilities with a FPGA accelerated FIR filter block
in GNU Radio
As an extension to that work, I will be porting CRUSH to the Zynq architecture. The resulting
system will be quite exciting as it will combine CRUSH's low latency access to USRP sample data
with FPGA acceleration in GNU Radio on the Zynq SoC. This can spur algorithm research that
can take advantage of the system's heterogenous processing capabilities.
GSoC Project site:
GNU Radio Wiki on my Zynq work:
Github pages with my source code:
-- CRUSH Hardware Requirements --
- Ettus Research USRP N210 with WBX daughter card
- Xilinx ML605 Virtex 6 FPGA Development Board
- MICTOR 38 Pin Male to Male Cable*
- FMC to Mictor Custom PCB**
* This can be bought from Emulation Technology, Inc
Part# MIC-38-CABLE-MM-18
** This is a custom designed PCB. The schematics, layout, and BOM are included for
PCB manufacturing and assembly. You can also try using Xilinx's FMC XM105 debug
card (, but
the top level pin mappings will need to be changed to reflect the XM105's placement
of the MICTOR cable I/O.