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-HME for Python, v0.17
+HME for Python, v0.18
by William McBrine <>
-September 3, 2009
+April 6, 2010
An implementation of TiVo's HME (Home Media Extensions) protocol for
Python, as a module (, a simple server (, and examples
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+0.18 -- More automatic removal of some resources when they go out of
+ scope: nameless Image, TTF (named ones are cached, and may
+ be duplicate references to the same TiVo-side resource --
+ should probably rework this), Text and Stream resources. (Other
+ resources are still cached.) As part of these changes,
+ app.resources has been removed.
+ "Test" app: Add KEY_OPT_A, B, C, and D button names; for key
+ codes that aren't in the list of names, print the number.
+ Stupid bug: extra colon in Content-Length header. Revealed by
+ the new HD UI on the TiVo Premiere.
+ Use the mimetypes module instead of hardwiring quite so many
+ MIME types in
+ Various minor fixes for Zeroconf (mainly cosmetic).
+ Icons resaved as RGB for the sake of the new UI on the
+ Premiere, which can't handle indexed or greyscale PNGs.
0.17 -- Set up a 64K output buffer before initializing. This will cut
down on the number of packets sent, as well as forestalling any
potential "#3-5-6"-style errors, as in pyTivo (though I haven't

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