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node-statusmon is a monitoring framework, designed to run on clients and send system information from a variety of probes to a collector/graphing system such as rrd-simple or graphite.

node-statusmon effectively runs as a daemon, and each probe is configured with its own setInterval frequency. Thus you can run some probes which change frequently at high frequency, e.g. for cpu utilisation, adsl noise margin etc., while running others which are much more stable at a much lower frequency, e.g. uptime, logged-in users, etc.


node-statusmon is now published on npm so it is super easy to install and run:

npm install statusmon

Or you can grab the latest from the repository:

git clone git://

And then either run it directly:

cd node-statusmon

Or install it:

cd node-statusmon
npm link

If you want a custom configuration, copy the default and pass it on the command line as the first argument, for example:

statusmon customconfig.js

How To Write Probes

Writing probes is hopefully very simple. Here's an example from system.js to get the current load average:

var os = require('os');

 * Probes take a callback argument of the function which updates the
 * statistics.  The callback takes an argument containing the key/value
 * pairs to store in the database.
function get_loadavg(callback)
  var vals = os.loadavg();
    'system.loadavg.1min': vals[0],
    'system.loadavg.5mins': vals[1],
    'system.loadavg.15mins': vals[2]

 * Export back each probe you want to register.
module.exports.probes = {
  'system.loadavg': get_loadavg,

Dump that into a file in probes/ and it will be automatically registered.


Currently very bare-bones, general framework is in place, and modules can be put into probes/ and automatically loaded.

A basic system provider, including cpu utilisation, load average, and uptime is included.


Lots! At least get rrd-simple and graphite output formats fully functional, and then start writing lots more probes.

My main aims are:

  • write lots of probes
  • ensure they are portable
  • learn me more javascript!