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Prequel - SQL is enough

There are a lot of database libraries out there. Most of them try to create a new abstraction on top of SQL. I think SQL is already a quite nice abstraction for working with data. Prequel aims to make working with this abstraction a bit more comfortable, nothing more.

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Prequel is a small set of classes making handling of SQL queries in Scala a bit easier. It takes care of connection handling/pooling, sql escaping, parameter conversion and to some extent transaction handling.

Prequel was written by me, Johan Persson since I was not really happy with what I could find in terms of jdbc based database libraries. The library is heavily inspired by projects like Querulous, Simplifying JDBC and unreleased work of Tristan Juricek.

See example below how prequel can make your life easier.

Database Compatibility

Prequel should be compatible with most JDBC supported databases. I've only tested it using HSQLDB and PostgreSQL but MySQL and others should work fine.

Use at your own risk

Although I'm using this library in my own projects I have not tested it with massive amounts of data so use at your own risk :-)

Not supported

  • Logging (will be implemented later on)
  • Any config files for database configuration
  • Any type of ORM voodoo (and will never be)


Given the following import and definitions

import net.noerd.prequel.DatabaseConfig
import net.noerd.prequel.SQLFormatterImplicits._
import net.noerd.prequel.ResultSetRowImplicits._

case class Bicycle( id: Long, brand: String, releaseDate: DateTime )

val database = DatabaseConfig(
    driver = "org.hsqldb.jdbc.JDBCDriver",
    jdbcURL = "jdbc:hsqldb:mem:mymemdb"

Prequel makes it quite comfortable for you to do:


def insertBicycle( bike: Bicycle ): Unit = {
    database.transaction { tx => 
            "insert into bicycles( id, brand, release_date ) values( ?, ?, ? )", 
  , bike.brand, bike.releaseDate

Batch Updates and Inserts

def insertBicycles( bikes: Seq[ Bicycle ] ): Unit = {
    database.transaction { tx => 
      tx.executeBatch( "insert into bicycles( id, brand, release_date ) values( ?, ?, ? )" ) { statement => 
        bikes.foreach { bike =>
          statment.executeWith(, bike.brand, bike.releaseDate )

Easily create objects from selects

def fetchBicycles(): Seq[ Bicycles ] = {
    database.transaction { tx => "select id, brand, release_date from bicycles" ) { r =>
            Bicycle( r, r, r )

Select native types directly

def fetchBicycleCount: Long = {
    database.transaction { tx => 
        tx.selectLong( "select count(*) from bicycles")

Use in your Project

Releases of Prequel are published to If you want to use it in your project just add it as a dependency or download the jar file directly.


"net.noerd" %% "prequel" % "0.3.9"


3rd Party libs

I've tried to keep the list of dependencies as short as possible but currently the following libraries are being used.


For testing I use scala-test for unit-tests and hsqldb for in process db interaction during tests.


If you have any questions or feedback just send me a message here or on twitter and if you want to contribute just send a pull request.


Prequel is licensed under the wtfpl.