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Tools for the online game "Kraland Interactif" ( Since speaking french is required to play the game, the following policy has been used through the code of kratool:

  • variables in algorithms and loops are in english
  • variables specific to the game (describing objects and behaviors) are in french, to use the same terminology
  • likewise, comments explaining game specifics are in french
  • but comments pertaining to generic behavior are in english

See for the game!

NOTE: the creators of "Kraland Interactif" have no connection whatsoever with this code; they do not endorse it nor support it; the use of this code might or might not be authorized by the policies of the game. You've been warned.

NOTE: les créateurs de "Kraland Interactif" n'ont aucun lien avec ce code. Utiliser ce code peut, dans certain cas, être interdit par les règles du jeu, et conduire à des sanctions dans le jeu. Renseignez-vous auprès du staff avant de l'utiliser!