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TCL On DotCloud (ALPHA)

This is an ALPHA (i.e., not production-ready) TCL stack for DotCloud. It allows to execute scripts using tclsh.

How It Works

To avoid building TCL each time a service must be deployed, it uses ActiveState TCL (community edition). A ready-to-run install has been prepared and stored on S3.

The build is not totally DotCloud-compliant (it uses all the default build options, instead of trying to setup the logs/data/etc. directories in the proper place).

Again: don't use this for production!

Proper TCL support will come soon.

How To Use It (Standalone)

Just use our (un)patented Clone-And-DotCloud-Push method:

git clone git://
dotcloud push tickle tcl-on-dotcloud-ALPHA

At the end of the push, you can use dotcloud ssh tickle.tcl do log into the service and run tclsh.

How To Use It (In Your App)

Add the dotcloud.yml supplied here to your own dotcloud.yml, and copy the builder script to your repository as well. Push as usual. You can now use tclsh in the tcl service.