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Sinatra + Thin + streaming + dotCloud
To test locally:
- gem install bundler
- bundle install
- thin -p 4567 start
- for N in `seq 1 10` ; do curl http://localhost:4567/subscribe & done
- curl http://localhost:4567/publish
You should see 10 messages looking like this:
hello #<Sinatra::Helpers::Stream:0x00000001dc9618
And one like this:
published to 700 stream(s).
To test on dotCloud
- dotcloud create -f sandbox thin
- dotcloud push thin
The base URL will be show at the end of the push. You can then run the same
test as shown above, by changing the URLs.
I'd like to thank Thibaut Barrère and Sébastien Gruhier, for giving a basic
streaming example with Thin+Sinatra.