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Version Control API -
An interface to version control systems whose functionality
is provided by pluggable back-end modules.
This is a pure API module, providing functions for interfacing with
version control systems (VCS). In order to work, Version Control API
needs at least one VCS backend module that provides the specific VCS's
For the API documentation, have a look at the module file or run doxygen/phpdoc
on it to get a fancier version of the docs. The provided hooks for API users
are documented in hook_versioncontrol.php while backend authors find an
example backend module in the versioncontrol_fakecvs directory.
In subdirectories, you can find three modules that extend the basic
administration functionality of Version Control API with additional
- Commit Log displays a history of commits and sends out notification mails
to the version control administrator.
- Commit Restrictions grants or denies repository access
based on path, branch or tag.
- Version Control Account Status requires users to submit motivation texts
and meet approval of version control administrators before their VCS account
is enabled.
Have a look at the OVERVIEW.txt file for a basic introduction into concepts,
forms and API of this module.
Jakob Petsovits <jpetso at gmx DOT at>
Some code in Version Control API was taken from the CVS integration module
on, its authors deserve a lot of credits and may also hold copyright
for parts of this module.
This module was originally created as part of Google Summer of Code 2007,
so Google deserves some credits for making this possible. Thanks also
to Derek Wright (dww) and Andy Kirkham (AjK) for mentoring
the Summer of Code project.
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