Prototypes built using the JCPT 3D engine.
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#Android 3D Demos

I built these three applications (a good while ago) as a quick prototype to test the 3D capabilities of the Android platform and the GPU hardware of the HTC Hero phone. Devices have become much faster since the Hero so while these demos were pushing the limits back then, they now run like lightning on my HTC Sensation 4G.

I used the Android port of the jcpt 3D engine.


  • A small openGL test.
  • Simple geometry, lights, animation and interactivity.
  • Swipe X and Y to change light source colors.
  • Includes a frame-rate counter.


  • Imported geometry and textures.
  • Accelerometer controls camera.
  • Swipe X to rotate Android model.
  • Pinch to zoom in/out. (release fingers to apply).


  • Programmed character animation.
  • More textures.
  • Swipe X and accelerometer controls camera.
  • Pinch to zoom in/out. (release fingers to apply).