I manage my JS/CSS dependencies with a microgem, you should too!
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web-lib microgem

When working with Rails & Middleman:

  • JS libraries and CSS frameworks should be considered real dependencies.
  • Not all JS/CSS libs are available as gems.
  • Trying to manage them outside of Bundler creates a mess.

That's why I've packaged my standard JS & CSS libs into a microgem that I can install directly from this repo.
I've written a blog post on why it's awesome.

Included Libraries

The following is a list of libraires included in the edge version of this microgem. As my preferences change I might replace them, but I will be sleeping well since dependencies of my old projects are managed by Bundler.

Name Author(s) License
spine.js Alex MacCaw License
TweenMax Jack Doyle License
Modernizr See site MIT
Animate.css Dan Eden MIT
jQuery See site (License)[http://jquery.org/license]

Example usage with Rails / Middleman


gem 'web-lib', :git => 'https://github.com/jpettersson/web-lib/'


// Require everything
//= require_tree 'web-lib'

// Or selectively
//= require 'web-lib/TweenMax.min'


The workflow and the microgem itself are easily forked. The idea behing the generic namespace 'web-lib' is that anyone can customize the contents to suit their needs. It also implies that there should be only one web-lib per project to keep things manageable.