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An open-source library for autonomic radios.
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BlackLight is an open-source library for autonomic communicators.

An autonomic communicator is a digital communications transceiver with 
complete and exclusive control over the signals it transmits and receives.
This is in contrast to conventional communicators, such as smartphones,
which are subject to control by external entities.

The BlackLight library consists of a set of design files.
The design files include specifications for an FPGA-based reference monitor, 
a file system, a CELP codec, a huge integer ALU, an OpenPGP transceiver,
an AES codec, a TCP/IP stack, a FEC codec, a UWB modem, and an enclosure.
The design files can be used to fabricate autonomic communicators.

The BlackLight library is open-source intellectual property.
The current copyright owner is Peter Franusic.
However, within the next year a Trust will be created,
after which all BlackLight IP will be endowed to the Trust.

All contributions to BlackLight are welcome.
Send email to Peter Franusic <>.

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