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from pyquery import PyQuery as pq
import urllib
import re
class GFormException(Exception):
class GForm:
formkey = ''
"""String containing the value
of the formkey GET paramater from a Google Form URL"""
action_url = ''
"""String containing the URL value
from the 'action' attribute of the <form> tag in a Google Form"""
parameters = {}
"""Dictionary where the 'key' is the input name
and the 'value' is the default value, if any"""
labels = {}
"""Dictionary where the 'key' is the label
for a Google Form input and the 'value' is the input name"""
def __init__(self, formkey):
"""Given a Google Form 'formkey',
will parse interesting information from said form."""
form_url = "" \
"viewform?formkey=%s" % formkey
self.formkey = ''
self.action_url = ''
self.parameters = {}
self.labels = {}
d = pq(url=form_url)
raise GFormException("""
Error parsing URL '%s', did you pass the correct formkey?""")
form = d('#ss-form')
# Define parameters with default values, if any
for item in d('#ss-form input'):
self.parameters[] = item.value
# Map out the label to form-input-name relationships
for item in d.find(''):
elements = list(item)
if not elements[0].tag == 'label':
input_label = elements[0].text.rstrip()
input_id = elements[2].name
self.labels[input_label] = input_id
self.action_url = form.attr['action']
def show_state(self):
"""Print the contents of the 'paramaters' and 'labels' properties"""
print "Parameters:",
print self.parameters
print "Labels:",
print self.labels
def submit(self):
"""Submit the contents of the 'parameters' property
to the Google Form"""
f = urllib.urlopen(self.action_url, urllib.urlencode(self.parameters))
form_submission_result =
message = "Error submitting to form."
if'Create your own form', form_submission_result):
message = "Submitted successfully!"
response = "<Response><!-- %s --></Response>" % message
return response