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Headless, spooled OCR into a Dropbox with your Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500M
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config screenshots


A somewhat hackish way to go paperless with less drag

1) Configure 'ScanSnap' to save files to a ~/Pictures/Raw Scans/
2) Configure 'FineReader for ScanSnap' to 'Delete scanned images...' and 'Quit ... after recognition'
3) Install the com.lensu.watchocr.plist (but fix the paths first, important!) file in /Library/LaunchDaemons/ and then reboot (or wait, whatever.) 

Refer to the 'config screenshots' folder for pictures of how I have my ScanSnap Manager and OCR programs configured.

Scans land in Raw Scans, this WatchFolderForScanSnap.php file grabs them and then writes the OCR'd files off to Dropbox.

Why bother? Because otherwise scanning blocks on OCR. I prefer to scan quickly and then go away, letting my machine process the OCR in the background and then upload when it's ready.
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