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JSON DNS is a project to create DNS services that run over HTTP.

The file 'jsondns-standard' contains the proposed standard for doing DNS queries over HTTP. This is a work in progress.

[JSON DNS "Client"]

jsondns.rb contains an example DNS "client" that answers DNS queries via HTTP.

A working example is running at: http://dig.jsondns.org/

[JSON DNS "Server"]

Any web server will soon be able to answer DNS queries via a JSON DNS "server" which translates UDP 53 queries into web requests. A proof-of-concept of this "server" is available at: http://github.com/jpf/eventdns - this "server" does NOT implement the proposed JSON DNS standard. A "server" implementing this standard will live here once it's written.

December 27, 2009
Joel Franusic and Jeff Lindsay

With thanks to:
  Tom Robinson
  Adam "rndmcnlly" Smith