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Goal: Tell at a glance what my connectivity is, and why it's that way
Questions answered:
- Am I connected to the internet?
- What is my average ping time?
- Is my average ping time good?
- Is my average ping time increasing, decreasing, or mostly stable?
- What is my packetloss?
- Is my packetloss acceptable?
- Is my rate of packetloss increasing, decreasing, or mostly stable?
- What interface am I connected to the internet through? (en1, en0, etc)
- What is the name of that interface? (Wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc)
- What are the historical statistics for networks I connect to SSID?
- Is DNS resolving?
- Is DNS being hijacked?
- Can I fetch publically accessable websites?
What interfaces do I have?
Which of them are active?
* Which active interface(s) is our default route?
* What is the IP address on the default route interface?
* What is the gateway of the default route?
* Can I ping that gateway?
* What is the gateway's avg ping time?
* What is the gateway's packetloss rate?
* Can I ping past the gateway?
* What is the avg ping time of the remote host?
* What is the packetloss to the remote host?
Do we have default DNS servers?
* Are they resolving DNS?
* Are they resolving DNS _correctly_?
* Can we make HTTP requests to public HTTP servers?
* Can we SSH to any of our SSH servers?
en0 (Wi-Fi) - gw: - extip: (6.21ms/4.5%) - ping: (70.14ms / 1.62%)
if name ip gateway gwp gwl | ping loss dns http SSH remote ip
en0 Wi-Fi ↻ 9ms 4.24% | ↗240.23ms ↓4.50% Y Y Y
if ip gw gp gl | p l D H S
en0 * * 9ms 4% | 240ms 5% * * *
interface: en0 (Wi-Fi)
gateway: (4.21 ms / 2.14%)
dns: OK
$ networksetup -listallhardwareports
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