A julia package for representing and manipulating model semantics
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A julia package for representing and manipulating model semantics

Getting Started

Install this package with


Then you can load it with using SemanticModels

See the tests for example usage.


There is a docs folder which contains the documentation, including reports sent to our sponsor, DARPA.

Documentation is currently published at jpfairbanks.com/doc/aske and jpfairbanks.com/doc/aske/slides.pdf


In addition to the examples in the documentation, there are fully worked out examples in the folder https://github.com/jpfairbanks/SemanticModels.jl/tree/master/examples/. Each subdirectory represents one self contained example, starting with epicookbook.


This package enables representation of complex and diverse model structure in the type system of julia. This will allow generic programing and API development for these complex models.


The following concepts are defined in SemanticModels.jl

  • Model
  • EpiModel <: Model
  • NumberClass
  • Amount <: NumberClass
  • Rate <: NumberClass
  • BirthRate <: Rate
  • DeathRate <: Rate
  • TransitionRate <: Rate
  • Equation
  • Expression
  • Variable

A number class is like a Unit in that it can be used to check compatibility of numeric values for various operations.

Knowledge Graph

We will use MetaGraphs.jl to model the relationships between models and concepts in a knowledge graph

Knowledge Graph Extraction

You can use the Extractor type to pull knowledge elements from an artifact. The following are subtypes of Artifact

  • Docs
  • Code
  • Model
  • Paper