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API for the coreos/etcd daemon
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API for the coreos/etcd daemon


API for the coreos/etcd daemon


As usual, you can install it using rubygems.

$ gem install etcd-ruby


Set an etcd host for connections = "http://localhost:4001"
List machines/nodes
resp = Etcd.machines
p resp.records
Set a key/value
resp = Etcd.set "/foo/bar", "baz"
p resp.record
Set a key/value with TTL
resp = Etcd.set "/foo/bar", "baz", ttl: 5
p resp.record
Test & Set a key/value

Raises an Etcd::Error if the key does not currently exist or the given prev_value is incorrect

Etcd.set "key-does-not-exist", "baz", prev_value: "nope"
# raises Etcd::Error

Etcd.set "/foo/bar", "baz"

resp = Etcd.set "/foo/bar", "quux", prev_value: "this-value-is-wrong"
# raises Etcd::Error

resp = Etcd.set "/foo/bar", "quux", prev_value: "baz"
p resp.record
Get a value
resp = Etcd.get "/foo/bar"
p resp.record
List keys
Etcd.set "/foo/foo", "barbar"
Etcd.set "/foo/foo_dir/foo", "barbarbar"

resp = Etcd.list "/foo"
p resp.records
Delete key
Etcd.delete "/foo"
Watch for a key/value change/insertion

Watch blocks on a key until it is edited via creation, deletion, or an update. Passing an option timeout: 5 will block for the given time in seconds. If no option is given then it will block forever.

Note, the timeout is only applied to the read_timeout and will stil raise an error if it cannot connect.

resp = "/foo/message", timeout: 5
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