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import re
import pandas as pd
from IPython.display import HTML
def show_videos(videos, ids, columns=None):
Shows some basic information about the videos with
the given youtube IDs. Contrary to the default
pandas HTML representation, the information is never
truncated (no max_colwidth limits).
if columns is None:
columns = ['title', 'sentiment_score', 'channel', 'published_at', 'youtube_id']
with pd.option_context('display.max_colwidth', -1):
return HTML(
def get_variants(topic):
Returns all variants for the given topic.
return [topic['variant%s'%i] for i in range(1,3) if not pd.isnull(topic['variant%s'%i])]
def get_pattern(topic):
Compiles and returns the regular expression pattern
matching all variants of the given topic.
variants = get_variants(topic)
sub_patterns = [r'(.*\b)%s\b(.*)' % variant.lower() for variant in variants]
return re.compile(r'|'.join(sub_patterns), flags=re.IGNORECASE)
def is_relevant(video, topic_pattern):
Returns True if the given topic is relevant to the given video.
return bool(topic_pattern.match(video['title']))
def create_topic_columns(videos, topics):
Creates a separate column in the given `videos` dataframe
for each given topic. Those columns will contain `True` values
for videos that mention the corresponding topic.
Finally creates a `relevant` column that will contain `True`
for videos that mentions any topic at all.
# Clear values
videos['relevant'] = False
# Create masks for each topic so we can later filter videos by topics
topic_masks = []
for _, topic in topics.iterrows():
videos[topic['slug']] = False # Clear values
pattern = get_pattern(topic)
topic_mask = videos.apply(lambda video: is_relevant(video, pattern), axis=1)
videos[topic['slug']] = topic_mask
# Mark video as 'relevant' if it mentions any of the topics
videos['relevant'] = np.any(np.column_stack(topic_masks), axis=1)