JPHP Group

PHP on JVM with own standard library, package manager and extensions.

Pinned repositories

  1. jphp

    An alternative to Zend PHP, like JRuby and Jython only for PHP

    Java 1.5k 151

  2. develnext

    JavaFX and IDE for JPHP (only russian localization, english - in progress)

    PHP 73 27

  3. jphp-swt-ext

    GUI Library for JPHP based on SWT (for Linux, Windows and Mac).

    Java 3

  4. twig

    Twig template library for JPHP

    Java 3

  5. tester

    Unit Testing Framework for JPHP and JPPM

    PHP 2

  6. awesome-jphp

    A curated list of amazingly awesome JPHP libraries, resources and shiny things.

    7 1