A game based on the story of Noah's Ark.
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This in-development game is based on the Biblical story of Noah's Ark. The goal is to provide a fun way to become more familiar with and learn more about the story of Noah's Ark.

The game will be a native Windows game, running at least on Windows 8 (x64). Currently, the game is still in the early stages of development.


Gameplay details are still being fleshed out, but some preliminary details are provided in a PowerPoint presentation in the documentation/design folder. Overall, the game will feature a 2D overhead view with a tile map and involve collecting things.


The game is being programmed using C++ within a Visual Studio 2017 environment. Doxygen is used to document the code.

Several projects exist within the Visual Studio solution:

  • noah_ark_game - The main game. Uses the library to orchestrate running an actual game.
  • noah_ark_library - A library containing the bulk of the code for the game. This library opens up the possibility for unit testing.
  • noah_art_tester - A unit testing application intended for testing the library.
  • noah_ark_resources - A project to manage any non-code resources of the project (graphics, tile maps, audio, etc.).
  • noah_ark_documentation - A project to hold various documentation files.

Several dependencies are used:

The dependencies described above are not included with this project and must be downloaded externally. To build the solution, you'll need to have environment variables set to the following directories:

  • SFML_64_BIT_DIR - Set to the root directory for the 64-bit (x64) version of SFML (with include, lib, and bin directories). ** Note that a custom build of the SFML libraries is used for linking. This is because at the current time, no Visual Studio 2017 pre-built libraries exist. And even if they did, the pre-built libraries tend to not support full static linking of the Visual C++ runtime, so a custom build was needed.
  • CATCH_DIR - Set to the directory with Catch's catch.hpp file.


The graphics plan to use a "Game Boy Color" style for the overall shape of sprites, but a wider color palette may be used.


Audio hasn't been planned yet. However, the audio will likely be simple to match the graphical style.

Bugs/Want to Help?

If you find any bugs (including build issues), let me know. If you'd like to contribute in some way (programming, art, music, etc.), contact me as well.