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This version is no longer being supported. It has been rewritten in Go and can be found here


Sort files based on IMDB data


  1. Install Node.js

  2. npm install -g imdb-sort

  3. cd my-messy-movie-folder

  4. imdb-sort

Note: On first run a setup wizard will run prompting you to create the configuration file below. Default location is ~/.imdb-sort/config.json

Help Output

Organises Movies and TV Shows using IMDB
Usage: imdb-sort [options]

  -c, --config          Path to 'imdb-sort.json' configuration file             [default: "~/.imdb-sort/config.json"]
  -d, --directory       The directory to scan                                   [default: <CURRENT DIR>]
  -r, --recursive       Recursive depth (default: current directory)            [default: 1]
  -f, --filter          Process filepaths matching this regular expression      [default: null]
  -i, --inverse-filter  Process filepaths not matching this regular expression  [default: null]
  -w, --watch           Watch directory for changes
  -p, --preview         Dry run only (will not move any files)
  -s, --setup           Setup wizard to create or edit the default config
  --debug               Debug mode

*Note: If you specify -r without a depth; 3 will be used.


Here is my generated config.json using default settings

  "replaceExisting": false,
  "tvShows": {
    "root": "/Volumes/jpillora/Movies/TV Shows",
    "fileName": "{{ Title }} - Season {{ Season }} Episode {{ Episode }}",
    "directoryPerShow": true,
    "showName": "{{ Title }}",
    "directoryPerSeason": false,
    "seasonName": "Season {{ Season }}"
  "movies": {
    "root": "/Volumes/jpillora/Movies/Movies",
    "fileName": "{{ Title }} ({{ Year }})"

Naming Files and Directories

Inside your configuration, fileName, showName and seasonName can be used to customise your naming styles.

Usable template keys are: Title,Year,Season,Episode,Rated,Released,Runtime,Genre,Director,Writer,Actors,Plot,Poster,imdbRating,imdbVotes,imdbID,Type

Known Issues

  • It is possible to get temporarily blocked by Google for sending too many requests.
  • imdb-sort decides if a file is TV series or Movie depending on whether it can find season and episode numbers. Please post an issue if a TV series file is found to be a movie.


  • Modify metadata
  • Episode names
  • Lazy match on subtitles file


The source is CoffeeScript

  • Get deps with npm install
  • Compile with npm start
  • For testing, make a symbolic link with ln -s ./bin/imdb-sort [a-folder-in-your-PATH]