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Welcome to this wiki.

This project is a place to store bits I held about larswm window-manager, as they are no more foundable online.

In the Download section are patches from Mikolaj Golub, containing patches from Florian Forster.

The patches are applied to the repository.

I added some patches I made and use daily :

  • Shortcuts to switch windows when in switch focus mode
  • Room for a panel at top of the screen
  • Allow windows to be moved outside the screen, to handle big dialogs on small screens


There are a few pages about larswm still online :

  • Florian Forster’s Homepage contains a larswn guide and a patch for xinerama : http://verplant.org/larswm/ http://verplant.org/larswm-xinerama.shtml
  • An old page in french : http://hocwp.free.fr/larswm.html
  • A page about larsbiff and larsplug : http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~d00bjojo/larswm/