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Jim's tutorials for CoDaS-HEP:

How to participate (easy)

Press this button:

Launch Binder

The exercises will run on a free public cloud service, which cannot save data and may take a minute or two to start up.

Navigate in the JupyterLab file view (left sidebar) to the desired lesson.

How to participate using CoDaS-HEP resources

Launch a private JupyterLab through SSL as discussed in the CoDaS-HEP setup session (with the ivukotic/ml_platform_auto:conda image). In JupyterLab, click on "Terminal" and type (first time only):

cd /workspace
git clone
cd 2019-07-23-codas-hep
conda env create -f environment.yml

After the first time (e.g. on Wednesday; day 2), do

cd 2019-07-23-codas-hep
git pull

Then navigate in the JupyterLab file view (left sidebar) into the 2019-07-23-codas-hep directory to the desired lesson. After you start the notebook, use the Kernel menu, Change Kernel... to ensure that it's in the codashep-python-columnar environment.

To get this software on your laptop

Short answer: on a non-Windows computer, make sure you have conda installed and use the same instructions as the "CoDaS-HEP resources" section above (in your own choice of directory). Then switch to your new environment, manually install JupyterLab, and launch JupyterLab. It will open a web browser window and run on your machine.

conda activate codashep-python-columnar
conda install jupyterlab
jupyter lab

All of the software installed this way goes into an isolated environment that you can easily delete with

conda remove --name codashep-python-columnar --all

You can also look at environment.yml to pick and choose software to install. Everything in that list can be installed on Windows except ROOT, and everything can be installed using pip instead of conda except ROOT. The packages that must be installed with pip are in the pip section, and root_numpy must be installed after ROOT. You can install ROOT manually from here, and be sure to install the latest release, 6.18/00.


Jim's tutorials for the CoDaS-HEP school at Princeton, July 22-26, 2019.




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