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Tutorials for the STAR Scikit-HEP tutorial presented on September 13, 2021. See collaboration meeting website for the Zoom link if you have access.

How to participate

Run the JupyterLab code with us and work on the exercises in the last section in small groups on Zoom.

The preferred way to run the notebook (tutorial.ipynb) is through a public cloud service called Binder:

Launch Binder

Note that Binder may take a minute or two to start up, and it may need to be reloaded if left idle for too long.

On the day of the tutorial, I'll be responding to questions on

There is no login/registration; just click through and ask questions, anonymously if you want. Questions asked in Zoom chat might be missed, because I'll be sharing my screen.

Running everything on your own computer

This course will not cover installation of the software, but everything can be installed with pip or conda, standard mechanisms for installing Python packages. See requirements.txt for a list of package names and versions that are known to work with this notebook. (If you plan to use these libraries later on, you'll probably want the latest version of each library, not the pinned versions.)

Browsing the material online

The cells of the tutorial.ipynb notebook are deliberately unevaluated—we will discover their output during the tutorial. However, if you're coming here after the event and want to look up how we did something, see tutorial-EVALUATED.ipynb for an evaluated version.


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