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This is the source for If you see anything that needs changing or adding, by all means, submit a pull request.

Some general guidelines:

  • Keep it clean. It's not perfect but try to keep things in good shape and reasonably consistent. Feel free to pick up any messes you come across.
  • Keep it minimal. The goal has always been to provide an accessible experience to all For Squirrels fans. This site currently takes a no-JS stance but I'd reconsider under extreme duress.
  • Keep it traditional. For anyone who's been around long enough, you've noticed the site hasn't changed a heck of a lot since the late 90's. Part of that is because I don't have good graphic design skills and part of that is intentional. This may be the last semi-active For Squirrels website around but I like it to look like it came out of that time period.

You may notice some odd tags floating around that don't belong. Those are from a custom Perl framework I wrote in the early 2000's that power the site. The idea was to ease the work load by making common elements easy to share and databases easy to access but it has become cumbersome to maintain. It is not part of this repo because it's probably insecure and I probably did dumb things like put usernames and passwords in it so you'll have to ignore those bits for now. The site should run fine on any general Apache installation, which will gleefully overlook these tags. The browser should also overlook them so some pages will just look a bit thin. If you really, really, really want to change some of that stuff then get in touch and we'll figure something out. Ultimately I want to get rid of all that which I think will make for easier mantenance.


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