Integrated Library Managmentsystem based on Orbit and LuaRocks
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Bib Integrated Library Management System

Bib is a multilingual, platform independant ILMS, written in Lua, using the Orbit MVC framework, and LuaRocks for packaging.

Installation instructions

Simple installation

luarocks --from-server= bib

Complicated installation

Install LuaRocks for your platform, and the following rocks:

  • wsapi-xavante
  • orbit
  • markdown
  • luasql-sqlite

Extract the sources.


In the bib-0.1 directory edit the bib/config.lua file to match your needs, and use the language of your preference.

If you encounter weird errors, check the bib/lang.lua file for errors, or entries missing in the current language (the english version remains the reference language). adding a language is as simple as copying the english table to a new table, and translate each string.

If there is no file bib.db then run sqlite3 initDB.sql .

Now run "orbit bib.lua" where orbit is the executable that comes with the orbit rock.

Making a shortcut executing this command would be handy.

Point your Browser to http://localhost:8080, default password for admin is admin, just add books as needed etc etc.


This piece of software is far from finished, and far from glitch free. Don't rely on it for serious stuff. Don't say I didn't warn you ...