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With this version, we release a complete overhaul of JPlag. Note that this includes breaking changes with previous versions!

This update introduces the following features:

  • a Java API for third-party integration
  • a simplified and improved command-line interface
  • support for Java files containing new language features
  • improved colors for source codes matches in the report
  • a parallel comparison mode, which allows fast comparison of large submission sets
  • fixes regarding file encoding (some older language frontends might still have some issues)
  • many minor bugfixes and performance optimizations

The following features are currently not supported:

  • result clustering
  • comparison based on maximum similarity

The following features are permanently discontinued (and removed from the project):

  • the comparison modes experimental, external, special, and revision.
  • the deprecated web service
  • the legacy java frontends

New Contributors:

For development details see the milestone v3.0.0.
Full Changelog: v2.12.1-SNAPSHOT...v3.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Choose a tag to compare
Choose a tag to compare

This release includes the python-3 frontend