Realtime chat demo using Laravel 5.4, VueJS and Pusher
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Realtime Chat Demo with Laravel 5.4, VueJS, and Pusher

Check out the article here.


  1. Clone or fork this repository

  2. Run composer install

  3. Run php artisan key:generate

  4. Fill out relevant items in your .env file, including:

  5. Run npm i

  6. Build assets with npm run dev

  7. Use php artisan serve or another method to view the app in the browser

Important Notes

  • You will need to set your environment variables in the .env file! Don't forget to change the broadcasting settings to Pusher, for example.
  • Depending on your geographical location, you will need to set a cluster variable for Pusher. See Laravel Docs for more information
  • I don't have time to provide help/support since this is a free project, but I encourage you to watch the videos and make sure you've followed all the steps.