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Wipe or locate Android device on receipt of signed SMS
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Device Administrator

This app gives the owner of a device a last resort if he lost the device. The owner communicates with the lost device via SMS (see Security for more details). Features currently include:

  • Sending current location of the device
    • Forcefully enabling GPS if it is disabled
  • Wiping the device


The SMS message that triggers an action is signed by the Ed25519 private key of the owner. Furthermore, it contains (apart from the command itself) a sequence number to counter replay attacks. Replies are however neither signed nor encrypted!


The app uses the following permissions:

  • RECEIVE_SMS and READ_SMS to receive commands via SMS (necessary),
  • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION and SEND_SMS to answer with the current location (optional).

Furthermore, it has to be registered as a device administrator in the system settings in order to wipe the device (optional). Even more, to enable GPS if it isn't enabled, it has to be configured as a device administrator and as the device owner, the latter via the following command (works only if there are no accounts configured yet):

dpm set-device-owner de.jplitza.deviceadministrator/de.jplitza.deviceadministrator.DeviceAdmin

If that doesn't work but the device is rooted, manually editing the file /data/system/device_owner.xml to read the following should work:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>
<device-owner package="de.jplitza.deviceadministrator" />


Generating keypair/commands

This currently has to be done on a PC and is very cumbersome. Plans are to include this in the app in the future.

In a terminal:

# change to src/ directory
cd src/
# compile the host component of the app (only has to be done once)
javac -extdir .
# generate keypair
CLASSPATH=eddsa-0.1.0.jar:. java host

This will output a private and a public key in Base64 format. The private key isn't stored anywhere, you need to save it somewhere yourself! Afterwards, you can copy the public key into the app on your phone, for example by generating a QR code with the public key in it.

To generate a command, invoke the program like so:

CLASSPATH=eddsa-0.1.0.jar:. java host $PRIVKEY $SEQNUM $COMMAND

where $PRIVKEY is the private key that you copied somewhere save (right?), $SEQNUM is a sequence number higher than the last one your phone received, and $COMMAND is one of the following:

Code Command
0 Test, will only spawn a message on the phone when received.
1 Locate
2 Wipe
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