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sort comparison program
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None of the input is validated, so if you enter bad input, you will get 
bad output.  This includes the input text file.

You are promped for a seed in case you would like to run the program 
again with the exact same random data.

The test code works as follows:

1	Insertion Sort
2	Recursive MergeSort
4	Iterative MergeSort
8	STL sort()
16	Quicksort
32	Quicksort Random Pivot
64	Quicksort Median Of Three Pivot

127	All Sorts

Add up the numbers next to the sorts you would like to run, and there's 
your test code.  For example, to test only both versions of mergesort, 
the test code would be 6.  To test everything except insertion sort, the 
test code would be 126.

All sorts were written by me, with the exception of the STL sort() which was added for comparison.
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