bash shell scripts to act as a Fritz!Box client
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bash shell scripts to act as a Fritz!Box client

This is meant as a bare bones set of scripts to help me communicating with my own Fritz!Box. If they are useful for others: great!

When not: There are much more fancy clients in other languages, like these:

Note: the dates are at the time of writing this.

Base repository is at

Ensure there is a bash-fritzclient.config in the parent directory. You can copy it from bash-fritzclient.config.template.

Commands supported:

  • reboot: reboots your Fritz!Box by first sending a POST request followed by an AJAX get request.
  • get-config: downloads the Fritz!Box configuration.

Both perform authentication to the Fritz!Box with the infamous MD5 challenge protocol. For that I reused quite some code from after doing some badly needed cleanup.

Note: the PDF has moved around over time, so if the link is broken, search for AVM_Technical_Note_-_Session_ID.pdf.