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Ruby gem to randomly generate distinct colors with consistent lightness and saturation
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Color Generator

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This gem randomly generates very distinct colors with consistent lightness and saturation.

If you are using these colors as background colors, consistent lightness lets you use the same foreground color for each. Consistent saturation lets you avoid mixing pastels with vibrant colors, etc.


require 'color-generator'

Generate colors using the HSL color representation:

generator = saturation: 0.3, lightness: 0.75
color1 = generator.create_hex
# => "cfd2ac"
color2 = generator.create_hex
# => "cbacd2"

Generate colors using the HSV color representation:

generator = saturation: 0.3, value: 1.0
color1 = generator.create_hex
# => "f7b3ff"
color2 = generator.create_hex
# => "b3ffe0"

If you want to make color generation repeatable, set a seed for the pseudorandom number generator:

generator = saturation: 0.3, value: 1.0, seed: 12345

If you prefer a decimal RGB value, call create_rgb instead of create_hex.


Thanks to Martin Ankerl for his blog post which inspired this gem.

Copyright (c) 2012 James McKinney, released under the MIT license

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