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Bind Zone List

Retrieve a list of zones configured in a BIND name server via its statistics server.

acl "trusted" {; ;

statistics-channels { 
	inet *  port 8053 allow { trusted; }; 

Running bzl on this machine will print a list of zones with their SOA serial number, the zone name, the class and the view in which they're configured (if applicable).

42401 temp.aa IN internal
0 0.IN-ADDR.ARPA IN internal
0 127.IN-ADDR.ARPA IN internal
0 254.169.IN-ADDR.ARPA IN internal
0 2.0.192.IN-ADDR.ARPA IN internal
0 100.51.198.IN-ADDR.ARPA IN internal
0 113.0.203.IN-ADDR.ARPA IN internal
0 IN internal
0 IN internal
0 IN internal
0 8.B.D. IN internal
0 D.F.IP6.ARPA IN internal
0 8.E.F.IP6.ARPA IN internal
0 9.E.F.IP6.ARPA IN internal
0 A.E.F.IP6.ARPA IN internal
0 B.E.F.IP6.ARPA IN internal
- IN internal
1287682762 bzl IN internal
17 IN external
2001013101 bind CH extern-chaos
0 authors.bind CH
0 hostname.bind CH
0 version.bind CH
0 id.server CH

The provided formats that into an RFC 1035 zone file.