Managed TFTP server implementation, written in C#. Features: IPv4 and IPv6, blocksize, single port mode, windowed mode, unlimited transfers, MIT licensed
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TFTP Server


Managed TFTP server implementation with the following features:

  • Open source
  • works both in IPv4 and IPv6 mode.
  • correct retry behavior
  • supports the following TFTP options: block size, transfer size, and timeout.
  • it's possible to run in single port mode: this ensures that only port 69 will be used for TFTP transfers, simplifying firewall and router configuration.
  • supports many concurrent transfers.
  • as of 1.2 beta : supports windowed mode, enabling high speed downloads.
  • Runs as windows service.
  • Supports multiple TFTP servers on different endpoints, each serving its own root directory.
  • Advanced MSI based installer.
  • Logs to the windows event log.
  • permissive MIT license so it can be used in commercial projects.


See Screenshots.

Tested clients

The server has been successfully tested with the following clients:

  • windows 7 TFTP
  • Win32: TFTPD32 by Philippe Jounin
  • ubuntu/linux Advanced TFTP client, ATFTP
  • ubuntu/linux TFTP
  • ubuntu/linux TFTP-hpa
  • B&R PLC bootloader

Tested platforms (so far)

  • 32 bit Windows XP
  • 64 bit Windows Vista
  • 64 bit Windows 7
  • Linux! The main TFTP library compiles and runs without modifications in Mono . All I had to do was create a small console app that instantiates the TFTPServer class.