The simplest way to get started with a JPMML-Evaluator powered software project
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The simplest way to get started with a [JPMML-Evaluator] ( powered software project.


Installation and Usage

Verify that all the requirements are met:

mvn -v

Check out the JPMML-Evaluator-Bootstrap project and enter its directory:

git clone
cd jpmml-evaluator-bootstrap

Initialize [Eclipse IDE] ( support files .project and .classpath:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

Launch the Eclipse IDE, and open the project import wizard via File > Import... > General / Existing Projects into Workspace. In the project wizard window, activate the radio button Select root directory and specify the location of the JPMML-Evaluator-Bootstrap directory. Click Finish to close the project wizard window.

The Eclipse IDE will show the imported JPMML-Evaluator-Bootstrap project in the package explorer view as jpmml-evaluator-bootstrap. The project consists of a single Java source code file org/jpmml/evaluator/bootstrap/ (located under Apache Maven's standard source directory src/main/java).

Build the project:

mvn clean package

The build produces an executable uber-JAR file bootstrap-executable-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar (located under Apache Maven's standard target directory target).

Display the list of transitive dependency JAR files that were included into this uber-JAR file:

mvn dependency:tree

Execute the example Java command-line application:

java -cp target/bootstrap-executable-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar org.jpmml.evaluator.bootstrap.Main <path to PMML file>


JPMML-Evaluator-Bootstrap is licensed under the [GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3.0] ( Other licenses are available on request.

Additional information

Please contact [] (