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PMML evaluator library for the Apache Pig platform (


  • Full support for PMML specification versions 3.0 through 4.3. The evaluation is handled by the JPMML-Evaluator library.


  • Apache Hadoop 2.7.0 or newer.
  • Apache Pig version 0.14.0 or newer.


Enter the project root directory and build using Apache Maven:

mvn clean install

The build produces two JAR files:

  • target/jpmml-evaluator-pig-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar - the library JAR file.
  • target/jpmml-evaluator-pig-runtime-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar - the runtime uber-JAR file (the library JAR file plus all its transitive dependencies).


Configuring the runtime

Add the runtime uber-JAR file to Apache Pig classpath:

REGISTER jpmml-evaluator-pig-runtime-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar;

The PMML model evaluation functionality is implemented by the org.jpmml.evaluator.pig.EvaluatorFunc UDF class. This is a concrete class, which can be instantiated and parameterized with model evaluator information in Apache Pig queries. Alternatively, it may be subclassed and pre-parameterized with model evaluator information with the aim of reducing technical and organizational complexity for end users.

Defining "standard" PMML functions

The EvaluatorFunc UDF class has a public constructor, which takes the path to the PMML file in local filesystem as its sole string-valued argument:

DEFINE DecisionTreeIris org.jpmml.evaluator.pig.EvaluatorFunc('/path/to/DecisionTreeIris.pmml');

Building PMML functions manually

Create a subclass of the EvaluatorFunc UDF class:

package com.mycompany;

import org.jpmml.evaluator.pig.ArchiveResource;
import org.jpmml.evaluator.pig.EvaluatorFunc;

public class DecisionTreeIris extends EvaluatorFunc {

	public DecisionTreeIris(){
		super(new ArchiveResource("/DecisionTreeIris.pmml"){ /* Anonymous inner class */ });

Package this class together with the accompanying PMML resource (and other supporting information such as the Service Loader configuration file) into a model JAR file:

$ unzip -l DecisionTreeIris.jar
Archive:  DecisionTreeIris.jar
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
       25  03-24-2018 14:47   META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
     4480  03-24-2018 14:47   DecisionTreeIris.pmml
       30  03-24-2018 14:47   META-INF/services/org.jpmml.evaluator.pig.EvaluatorFunc
      306  03-24-2018 14:47   com/mycompany/
      370  03-24-2018 14:47   com/mycompany/DecisionTreeIris$1.class
      425  03-24-2018 14:47   com/mycompany/DecisionTreeIris.class
---------                     -------
     5636                     6 files

Building PMML functions using the Archive Builder function

The model JAR building functionality is implemented by the org.jpmml.evaluator.pig.ArchiveBuilderFunc UDF class.

The Archive Builder function takes a tuple of three string values (the fully qualified name of the PMML UDF class, tha paths to the PMML file and the model JAR file in local filesystem) as input, and produces a string value (the absolute path to the model JAR file in local filesystem) as output:

Udf = LOAD 'Udf.csv' USING PigStorage(',') AS (Class_Name:chararray, PMML_File:chararray, Model_Jar_File:chararray);

Udf_model_jar_file = FOREACH Udf GENERATE org.jpmml.evaluator.pig.ArchiveBuilderFunc(*);

DUMP Udf_model_jar_file;

Defining "custom" PMML functions

Add the model JAR file to Apache Pig classpath:

REGISTER /path/to/DecisionTreeIris.jar;

The PMML UDF class is expected to have a public default (ie. no-arguments) constructor:

DEFINE DecisionTreeIris com.mycompany.DecisionTreeIris;

Applying PMML functions

All PMML functions take a tuple as input, and produce another tuple as output.

Load and score the Iris dataset:

Iris = LOAD 'Iris.csv' USING PigStorage(',') AS (Sepal_Length:double, Sepal_Width:double, Petal_Length:double, Petal_Width:double);

DUMP Iris;

Iris_classification = FOREACH Iris GENERATE DecisionTreeIris(*);

DESCRIBE Iris_classification;
DUMP Iris_classification;


JPMML-Evaluator-Pig is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3.0. Other licenses are available on request.

Additional information

Please contact


PMML evaluator library for the Apache Pig platform (




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