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The simplest way to get started with a JPMML-SparkML powered software project (legacy codebase)
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The simplest way to get started with a [JPMML-SparkML] ( powered software project.


This is a legacy codebase.

Starting from September 2016, this project has been superseded by the [JPMML-SparkML-Package] ( project.



Check out the JPMML-SparkML-Bootstrap project and enter its directory:

git clone
cd jpmml-sparkml-bootstrap

Build the project:

mvn clean install

The build produces an uber-JAR file target/bootstrap-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.


Initialize [Eclipse IDE] ( support files .project and .classpath:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

Launch the Eclipse IDE, and open the project import wizard via File > Import... > General / Existing Projects into Workspace. In the project wizard window, activate the radio button Select root directory and specify the location of the JPMML-SparkML-Bootstrap directory. Click Finish to close the project wizard window.

The Eclipse IDE will show the imported JPMML-SparkML-Bootstrap project in the package explorer view as jpmml-sparkml-bootstrap.


The uber-JAR file contains an executable class org.jpmml.sparkml.bootstrap.Main, which fits a simple two-stage Spark ML pipeline model where the first stage is a [RFormula] ( feature selector and the second stage is either a [DecisionTreeRegressor] ( or [DecisionTreeClassifier] ( estimator.

This application is suitable for the quick exploration of datasets.

Launching this application using the [spark-submit] ( script:

spark-submit \
  --class org.jpmml.sparkml.bootstrap.Main \
  target/bootstrap-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar \
  --csv-input <path to data CSV input file> \
  --formula <model formula in R formula notation> \
  --function <model function> \
  --pmml-output <path to model PMML output file>

Wine quality dataset

The [wine quality dataset] ( is suitable both for regression and classification analyses.

Predicting the quality score (integer in range 1 to 10) of wines:

spark-submit --master local --class org.jpmml.sparkml.bootstrap.Main target/bootstrap-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --csv-input src/test/resources/wine.csv --formula "quality ~ ." --function REGRESSION --pmml-output wine-quality.pmml

Predicting the color ("white" or "red") of wines:

spark-submit --master local --class org.jpmml.sparkml.bootstrap.Main target/bootstrap-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --csv-input src/test/resources/wine.csv --formula "color ~ . -quality" --function CLASSIFICATION --pmml-output wine-color.pmml

Adult (aka Census) dataset

The [adult dataset] ( is suitable for classification analyses.

Predicting the income level ("<=50K" or ">50K") of US residents:

spark-submit --master local --class org.jpmml.sparkml.bootstrap.Main target/bootstrap-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --csv-input src/test/resources/census.csv --formula "income ~ ." --function CLASSIFICATION --pmml-output census.pmml


JPMML-SparkML-Bootstrap is licensed under the [GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3.0] ( Other licenses are available on request.

Additional information

Please contact [] (