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.. currentmodule:: larch

Data Storage and Access Using SQLite

The default storage of data within Larch is handled using SQLite. This portable and open source database system provides a common file format that is flexible and practical for storing data.

The interactions with data in Python take place through a :class:`DB` object, which is derived from the :class:`apsw.Connection` class in APSW, the Python interface wrapper for SQLite.

Creating :class:`DB` Objects

.. autoclass:: DB(filename=None, readonly=False)

In addition to opening an existing SQLite database directly, there are a number of methods available to create a :class:`DB` object without having it linked to an original database file.

.. automethod:: DB.Copy

.. automethod:: DB.Example

.. automethod:: DB.CSV_idco

.. automethod:: DB.CSV_idca

Importing Data

There are a variety of methods available to import data from external sources into a SQLite table for use with the larch DB facility.

.. automethod:: DB.import_csv

.. automethod:: DB.import_dataframe

.. automethod:: DB.import_xlsx

.. automethod:: DB.import_dbf

Exporting Data

Sometimes it will be necessary to get your data out of the database, for use in other programs or for other sundry purposes. There will eventually be some documented methods to conviently allow you to export data in a few standard formats. Of course, since the :class:`DB` object links to a standard SQLite database, it is possible to access your data directly from SQLite in other programs, or through :mod:`apsw` (included as part of Larch) or :mod:`sqlite3` (included in standard Python distributions).

.. automethod:: DB.export_idca

.. automethod:: DB.export_idco

Reviewing Data

.. automethod:: DB.seer

Loading Data into Arrays

.. automethod:: DB.array_caseids

.. automethod:: DB.array_idca

.. automethod:: DB.array_idco

Convenience Methods

.. automethod:: DB.attach

.. automethod:: DB.detach

.. automethod:: DB.crack_idca

Using Data in Models

The :class:`DB` class primarily presents an interface between python and SQLite. The interface between a :class:`DB` and a :class:`Model` is governed by a special attribute of the :class:`DB` class:

.. attribute:: DB.queries

        This attribute defines the automatic queries used to provision a :class:`Model` with data.
        It should be an object that is a specialized subtype of the :class:`core.QuerySet` abstract
        base class.

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