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Web frontend for viewing .Net API reference documentation
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Kipunji is a simple, modern ASP.NET MVC web frontend for viewing API reference documentation of .Net libraries.

Live demo:

The Main Features of Kipunji:

  • Attractive, Light, and Quick: Navigating documentation can be frustrating when it takes each page several seconds to load. Kipunji documentation is modern looking, extremely lightweight, and loads instantly.

  • Simple URLs: The URL for your documentation is exactly what you would think it is. Kipunji will figure out if you wanted a namespace, type, method, etc.:

  • No Intermediate Generation: Many documentation systems have an intermediate step where the XML documentation is converted to static HTML. Kipunji avoids this by operating directly on the XML.

  • Online Editing: Because Kipunji operates directly on your XML documentation instead of a static HTML copy, online editing is trivial. (Not implemented yet)

Status of Kipunji

  • Basics: Kipunji supports basic viewing of documentation. Some advanced cases like generics, interfaces, and nested classes are not implemented. Also there are likely bugs in corner cases.

  • XML Formats: Currently the only supported format is MDoc. Supporting a new format is rather simple, the entire code necessary for MDoc support is available here.

  • Online Editing: Online editing is not yet supported, but should be relatively easy to add.

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