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Simple Gtk# Paint Program
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Pinta.Core Build fix - remove C# 6 code.
Pinta.Docking Fix a few compiler warnings.
Pinta.Effects Finish implementing switch from PDN blend modes to Cairo blend modes.
Pinta.Gui.Widgets Use Cairo blend operations instead of PDN's managed blend modes.
Pinta.Resources Bring in all the needed stuff to get the latest version of MonoDevelo…
Pinta.Tools Update the select tool when the selection is changed elsewhere.
Pinta Added spacing between the options(layout, orientation and background).
Wix Move the MonoDevelop docking code to a separate library.
help Work around symlink issues for now by just copying non-localized images.
lib Use Mono.Addins 1.0 on Windows.
osx Bump version numbers.
po Add a menu option to open Pinta's documentation.
tests/Pinta.Core.Tests Fix the Pinta.Core.Tests project to compile on Linux.
xdg Attempt to fix the translation template issues (bug #889435)
.gitignore Update .gitignore to ignore generated files for the docs.
.travis.yml Update .travis.yml Work around symlink issues for now by just copying non-localized images.
Pinta.Install.proj Pull in updated translations.
Pinta.sln Update the formatting for Monodevelop to be more consistent with exis… Prevent grep from taking messy environment options in autogen Initial work on a documentation system for Pinta. Update version number for development builds.
license-mit.txt Add some licensing stuff. Hopefully it will be sufficient. ;)
license-pdn.txt I don't want to mess with PDN's original license, but added a footnot… Update patch guidelines with titles [Fixes bug #932924] Use @libdir@ to improve the portability Fixed the file to use @libdir@ instead of @prefix@/lib Update the recommended GTK# version for developers.

Pinta - Simple Gtk# Paint Program

Build Status

Copyright (C) 2010 Jonathan Pobst

Pinta is a Gtk# clone of Paint.Net 3.0

Original Pinta code is licensed under the MIT License: See license-mit.txt for the MIT License

Code from Paint.Net 3.36 is used under the MIT License and retains the original headers on source files.

See license-pdn.txt for Paint.Net's original license.

Icons are from:

Getting help/contributing:

Windows Build and Installation Instructions:

Be sure to install Gtk# for Windows when building in Visual Studio.

Linux Build and Installation Instructions:

Building Pinta requires the following software:

mono mono-xbuild automake autoconf libmono-cairo2.0-cil gtk-sharp2 yelp-tools

Pinta only supports version 2.8 or higher of Mono.

To build Pinta, run:



sudo make install

or if building from a tarball, run:



sudo make install

To use different installation directory than the default (/usr/local), run this instead:

./ --prefix=<install directory>

To uninstall Pinta, run:

sudo make uninstall

To clean all files created during the build process, run:

make cleanall

Note This will require you to rerun in order to run more make commands.

For a list of more make commands, run:

make help

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