A Hogan's Alley clone I'm building to explore elements of game development.
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Hogan's Alley

This is clone of the original Hogan's Alley game for Nintendo. I'm using it to learn some game development basics so expect it to be lame and half functional at best.

Original Hogan's Alley Menu

What's Here?

The game engine itself is completely separated from the UI implementation. So far the engine drives an HTML/JavaScript version of the game and a partial command line implementation using Node.js. Yes, I said command line.

Ports to other systems may be coming soon. Who knows.

Playing the game

js\index.htm is the HTML version of the game.

js\node.js is the Node.js version. Run with node node.js from the terminal.

Digging Deeper

js\hogan-engine.js has all of the core game logic.


If this is useful to you in anyway then take it and run with it. Fair warning though, I have no idea how many trademark and patent laws I'm stomping on by reusing the original graphics and name. Hopefully no one will mind ;)