Scoreboard app for tracking personal records between friends.
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Go Scoreboard

This a small project I'm using to learn Go. It is a scoreboard web app for tracking personal records between friends.

Scoreboards are organize under teams, with each team able to have any number of boards.

Teams and boards are controlled by a simple URL scheme.


There isn't any privacy or security for your board, the URL is your only protection.

Only the top 10 scores are kept.

Wish List



  • Reload templates on change in development.
  • Add a login system. If signed in, boards created are linked to your user. You are made the "owner". You can delete and reset boards you own. (Store all users in a single JSON file. Owned boards are listed in users.json)
  • Use correct verbiage in the footer when the board has only been updated once. (Currently says "updated 1 times")
  • Implement a config file for things like the /data directory location
  • Add an admin page for
    • listing all teams and boards that exist, sorted by last activity date
    • deleting boards
    • clearing scores on a board (without deleting the board itself)
  • Show human friendly relative timestamps. i.e. "yesterday", "last monday", etc (create a go package for this?)


  • Cache boards in memory and use a channel queue to persist changes to disk.
    • Use a lock to sync changes to the board instance in memory.


  • Use a Github hook to automatically rebuild and restart the app when updates are pushed on the master branch.
    • Or, setup pushing to a git repo on the server and use a hook to rebuild/restart the app that way.
  • Create an upstart service script to use to manage the process on the server.