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#Repository for STAT 405 Final Project Code This repository contains the code for a colaborative final project produced for Rice University's STAT 405 (Statistical Computing and Graphics) course. It is intended as an exploratory analysis of a US Senate dataset extracted from three major sources (NYTimes Congress API;; and ####You can read all about our work in our final report. ##Database (data.sqlite) We have finally gotten our database up and running. It includes 3 tables:

  • Members (members): A list of the members of congress, sourced from the NY Times Congress API
    • Contains metadata such as name, party, state
    • Values like Total votes, seniority, total votes, missed votes
    • Also contains a value for the percentage of votes with party majority
    • Social media accounts, websites
  • Senate Roll Call Votes (senateRollCalls): Data sourced from XML files on roll call votes provided by the US Senate
    • Used to fetch individual votes later.
    • Lots of columns, some useful like tallies of votes, others less so.
  • Individual Votes (votes): Using XML data from previous tables, fetched individual roll-call vote JSON data from
    • Metadata like roll-call vote number (rollNumber), Name, State, Party
    • Timescale data: congress number, session, year
    • vote (yea, nay, not voting)


Analysis of US Senate Data for Rice University STAT 405



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